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Health & Welfare of your dog

Whilst with us your dogs health and welfare is paramount, as such your dog will only ever be groomed in line with their level of tolerance. If we discover that your pet is anxious or scared of a particular aspect we will endevour to find a work around or alternative way in which to continue. Occasionally during grooming we may discover a pre-existing condition (something your pet came into is with),  unless previously discussed during our initial pre-groom consultation we will notify you so that you may seek veterinary advice. Unfortunately accidents do happen even to the most experienced and skilled groomers, if your dog becomes unwell or requires immediate veterinary attention we will take them directly to the nearest vet. This is something that will have been agreed to in our initial consultation and a veterinary release form will always be kept on file showing your agreement.


The Dangerous Dogs Act

We reserve the right to refuse any dog that is at risk of harming a member of staff or itself at any point it is in the care of Lillypaws. If your dog has been accepted for grooming but later displays any aggression that we have not been made aware of during its session, the groom will be cancelled immediately and you will be contacted to collect. There would be no charge in this instance.

You must inform us during the Pre-Groom Consult if your dog has ever bitten or displayed aggression no matter how insignificant this may seem. Failure to disclose any incidents or information may result in refusal of future services.

It is important that as the owner of a dog no matter the breed you understand that under the Dangerous Dogs Act, you remain liable for bites and injuries caused by your dog.


Pre-Groom Consultation

Your dogs health and welfare is so important to us, we will always conduct a pre-groom consultation with you. It is at this point you can tell us if there medical conditions i.e diabetic, epileptic, allergies, surgical sites or wounds. This will help us to ensure we tailor our services specifically to the needs of your dog. Please note that dogs found to have fleas will either be treated with flea shampoo and the salon treated at extra cost to you the owner or we will call/ discuss with you about treating them at home and rebooking your appointment.


Neglected & Matted Coats

In the event that your dog’s coat needs to be clipped short to remove any matting found or from a neglected coat, Lillypaws or its owner are not liable for any post-grooming effects from a procedure, that is not without risk.

In situations where the matting is severe I may refuse to complete the groom and instead recommend that you visit your vet to have your dog dematted under sedation at your own cost. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006: Clause 5 - Animals are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering, as such I will not put any dog through a procedure or process I feel will cause pain or distress. A severely matted coat would require a complete shave-down which consumes significantly more time, labour and also puts more strain on tools and equipment used. We will give an estimate of all costs prior to starting, however as we progress we may find that additional steps must be taken, as such the cost may increase or decrease dependent on the severity of the matting. All costs are payable in full at the time you collect your pet.


Flea Treatment


If your dog is due flea and worming treatment is is essential that you do it a minimum of 48 hours BEFORE your dog comes into the salon, so that the product has time to work effectively. If your dog comes to us with some unwanted friends we can use a flea shampoo (not cruelty free) that will kill the adult fleas, however, there will be an additional charge for this as I MUST treat not only your dog but also the entire salon too which means cancelling dogs due in after yours! I will not put other pets at risk including my own. IF we use flea shampoo on your dog you will be given a leaflet at the post groom chat, this will advise you treat your dog with a flea treatment from your vets in 48 hours  and treat your home, car, caravan or anywhere your dog has been.


Post-Groom Report

Upon collection of your dog we will provide detailed feedback. If you have questions or are unsure of anything we say please just ask. If you aren’t happy with something then please tell us before you leave, this gives us the opportunity of resolving the issue for you. If you would like advice on how to keep your dogs coat in its post-groom condition, we will be happy to discuss and show you how to achieve this.



All prices on the website assume that your dog is:

Used to being professionally groomed on a regular basis (this is dependent on the breed).

Has a well maintained coat between professional grooms i.e. kept tangle, knot and matt free by regular brushing and combing.

If your pet falls into one of the following categories grooming may take longer and therefore incur further charges:

Matted, poorly maintained and/or overgrown coats

Pets that are anxious or fidgety during the grooming process require more time, don’t forget we use sharp scissors and blades. We need to take time to calm these types of dogs before starting grooming.

These types of pets require more time, labour and/or products. As such we have to charge accordingly.


*** If we are unable to complete a groom due to behavioural problems or aggression we will charge the starting price of the groom as agreed in the pre-groom consultation.***


All payments are to be made in full at the time you collect your pet. Please note that Lillypaws reserves the

right to request a deposit to secure an appointment, should you refuse to pay a deposit then your appointment

will not be secured and you will be asked to find another groomer.


Time Keeping

We kindly ask that you be punctual for your appointment. I work on a one to one basis and on an appointment only basis. I never double book appointments therefore I kindly ask that if you are unable to make your appointment to please  give me a minimum of 24 hours notice. Appointments that result in a no-show is lost income to myself and as a small business is something I can ill afford. We do provide free appointment reminders at your request so please let us know if you require this service.


Most grooms take between 1 - 3 hours sometimes more, this is dependent on the size and temperament of the dog whilst also considering the condition of your dogs coat. We will always give a collection time and will give your a courtesy call if we are running ahead of schedule. We kindly request that you collect at the time given, this is to ensure that all customers receive one to one attention. We understand that things happen, so please phone if you are running late.

Late collections may incur an extra charge.




If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment it will be considered as a missed appointment and may have to be re-booked, this will incur a charge at the re-booked appointment. If you require an earlier drop off or later collection please discuss this at time of booking. Should your dog be collected after our official opening hours, there will be a charge applied to the grooming cost of £5 per 30 minutes. We are not a boarding or pet sitting service and all fees will be payable in full at the time you collect your dog.



I respectfully ask for 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment, this will ensure you don’t incur missed appointment costs and that the appointment can be offered to another client. Again I understand that emergencies happen but just be honest with me.

If you are a no-show or cancel with under 24 hours notice we reserve the right to charge a late fee of up to 50% of the original groom.



Please ensure that your dog is given the opportunity to relieve themselves before arriving with us. Also please do not let your dog defecate on public pathways around our location. Anyone found to have let their dog defecate without responsibly scooping up the poop will be refused the services of Lillypaws and will be reported to Rhondda Cynon Taff Council. We live in a beautiful area, please respect it! If you are caught short and need a poo bag ask and I will provide one free of charge, if you need a bucket of water again ask I will provide it free of charge!


Dog ID Tags & Collars

We kindly ask that all dogs arrive at Lillypaws with a collar that has an ID Tag that is compliant with The Control of Dogs Act 1992. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag. Your telephone number is optional (but advisable). This is required even if your dog is microchipped!

Lillypaws reserves the right to refused to groom a dog without the correct ID tags.


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