Lillypaws is proud to be the first stockist for the fantastic PerfectFit Harness in the Rhondda!



As an official stockist we are able to offer a one to one fitting session, where we use our fitting kit to find the Perfect Fit for your dog. The harness itself comes in 3 individual pieces, which between them have 5 adjustment points, allowing us to cater for amputees as well as being perfect for  uniquely shaped dogs like sight hounds, Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, Bull Dogs, tiny breeds and giant breeds too!

This is also an excellent feature that allows you to bring your puppy, ideally from the age of 20 weeks for a fitting and as they grow, you can purchase a single piece rather than a whole new harness unless of course they outgrow all three pieces ( larger breeds such as the Dogue De Bordeaux if fitted at 8 weeks old can outgrow 3 complete harnesses by the age of one!!). This also means that if your dog manages to chew a piece you can just replace it rather than getting a whole new harness, which can be very costly!


The PerfectFit Harness has two D-Rings one on the back and another on the front piece, this will allow you to use a double ended lead should you wish and help reduce pulling. However please note the front d-ring isn't meant to be used on it's own and cannot take the same pressure as the back d-ring, as such please only use it with a double ended lead and the back d-ring!

The harness comes in 4 sizes Tiny, 15mm, 20mm and 40mm and come in 13 different colours, including some hi-viz and reflective options. With between 11-15 pieces per size we are sure to find your dogs PerfectFit!


Lillypaws offers its fitting service free of charge, however this is by appointment only. We will then spend the time ensuring that your dog is fitted with the correct size harness in the colour you want, if you 're happy we will then go ahead and order the pieces for your dog which take approximately 3-5 days to arrive with us. Once we have your harness we will call you to arrange collection and to fit the harness perfectly!

The harnesses range in price dependent on size and which colour option you choose, however, we will ensure you know the full cost of the harness before you agree to buy. As the harnesses are ordered specifically for you, full payment is required at the time of ordering, we are able to accept card or cash payments, we do not accept cheques.



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