Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I groom my dog?


Regular grooming is not only essential to your dogs well-being. All dogs visiting Lillypaws will receive an pre-groom check where we look, feel and       note anything unusual such as lumps, skin sores, or smelly ears that may need further attention from your vet.

Whilst not every dog needs to be clipped, all dogs require brushing to remove dead coat and help them to regulate their temperatures and the weather changes. Plus you'll have a dog that smells and looks great!


2. How old should my puppy be before bringing them for their first groom?


We prefer puppies to have had their primary course of vaccines before their first visit. This means that both the first and second vaccination must have been given, we will ask you to bring your puppies vaccine card on your first visit. By brining your puppy to us from a young age they will become familiar with the smells, sounds and process of grooming. We offer Puppy Introduction Sessions for puppies under 6 months old, please contact us for more info.


3.How often does my dog need to be groomed?


This depends on the type of coat your dog has and what style you wish your pet to have. Generally most breeds will need to be groomed every 6 - 12 weeks.


4. Why are some dogs shaved very short?


When you bring in your dog we will always check the coat for matting. If we find severe matting then it is our policy to clip short to remove the matting, this is the most humane way of removing matted fur. Trying to de-matt the coat would cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to your pet, which is something we are simply not willing to do. Humanity before vanity is our motto when it comes to severely matted coats.

Matted fur can cause skin sores caused by the skin being suffocated, No matter what your dog looks like shaved they will feel a lot better for it.


**We will never shave a dog shorter than required unless severe matting is present or an owner requests this,. Please note that for double coated breeds we will only shave if the dog is severely matted or a veterinary letter stating a shave off is required for medical reasons.**


5. Can I clip my double coated dog?


Many customers ask  if we can clip short their double coated breed such as Border Collies,  German Shepherds, Labradors or Pomeranian because they look hot during the summer. Double Coated breeds have a longer top coat which works to guard them from the elements, whilst the undercoat works to keep the skin dry and insulated. Shaving a double coat will remove the dogs natural insulation, the new growth will result in a thicker undercoat being mixed with the shorter topcoat hairs; this is known as  'Coat Funk' or 'False Coat'. This results in the dog having an extra thick blanket of undercoat, imagine that in the summer! It also means the dog will have no way of regulating their own temperature and their coat may never grow back the same causing longer term issues with temperature regulation. Please ask us about our de-shedding treatment which will remove dead undercoat and better allow your dog to cope with the temperature as well as reduce the shedding in your home!


6. My dog is aggressive will you groom them?


Unfortunately if your dog is aggressive I will be unable to groom them without a muzzle, if they will not tolerate this then I'm afraid I cannot take the risk of being badly bitten.


7. Can I stay with my dog? They are usually nervous.


Some customers feel their dog will be better behaved if they stay with them, but in the majority of cases this can have the opposite effect. Many dogs will be nervous on their first visit, they don't know me and they haven't been in my groom room before. I always like to try and work with nervous dogs and help them overcome their nervousness and use a relaxing spray and other calming techniques to comfort your dog, however if they don't respond to this or they have a serious medical condition then we are happy for owners to stay. We kindly ask that you don't arrive earlier than agreed to collect your dog, this can cause your dog to become excited and we may not be able to safely complete the groom, after all an excited dog tends to be bouncy and we use sharp scissors and other tools and for your dogs safety we need them to be as calm as possible.


8. I have more than one dog, can I have a discount?


We understand that you may choose to have more than one furry friend and we welcome no more than two dogs from the same house at any one time. Unfortunately we don't offer multi-pet discounts as we still have to use the shampoo, electricity, water, other equipment and our time regardless of how many pets you have! However, we do periodically run promotional offers which may be of use to you.


9. Should I treat my dog for fleas and worms before I come to you?


If your dog is due flea and worming treatment is is essential that you do it a minimum of 48 hours BEFORE your dog comes into the salon, so that the product has time to work effectively. If your dog comes to us with some unwanted friends we can use a flea shampoo (not cruelty free) that will kill the adult fleas, however, there will be an additional charge for this as I MUST treat not only your dog but also the entire salon too which means cancelling dogs due in after yours! I will not put other pets at risk including my own. IF we use flea shampoo on your dog you will be given a leaflet at the post groom chat, this will advise you treat your dog with a flea treatment from your vets in 48 hours  and treat your home, car, caravan or anywhere your dog has been.


10. Do you express anal glands?


Unfortunately I don't offer anal gland expression, it is my professional opinion  and that of the Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons that this is a job for a veterinary surgeon only!


11. Can you pick up/drop off my dog?


We are fully insured to collect and drop-off customers dogs, within 3 miles we can offer this free of charge, however over this there is a charge to help cover fuel costs and maintenance of the vehicle which allows us to offer this service. This is a service which must be requested at the time of booking the appointment so we can schedule our day accordingly.


12. I work all day do you offer a daycare service?


Unfortunately we are unable to offer a daycare service at the moment, however if there is a high enough demand then this is something we can look into in the future. If you would like to see this service offered by Lillypaws please contact us and register your interest.


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